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Drama English " The Legend of The Poorman"

The Legend of The Poorman

Once upon a time, there was a little king, named Edward Cullent. The king was really rich, and lived happily with their family. But unfortunately, there was an accident had happened in his kingdom. There were some opponents attacked his kingdom. And they want to kill all people in his kingdom. Because that accident, it makes all his family died, especially his father and his mother. He really loved his father and his mother, but what a pity thing happened to him, he must lost his family, although he really loved them. Except want to kill their family, that opponents want to steal the little king. But, the little king success to run away from that opponents.
And then, he should be a poorman, because all his kingdom’s assets must be lost because that accident. He should find another way to lived. For living, he should sell something, so that, he can lived as well. And finally, he got a good job, as his ability, he can make the sword, so he sell the sword.
Everyday, he sold his sword and fortunately his sword sold up. By his sword result, he can make a little house, although his house only made of coconut leaves and the roof was only from papasa leaf.
After a longtime, the little king growth be an adult man. He has a nice friend, named chamberlain. Chamberlain is one of kingdom’s servant, especially the prince’s servant.
One day, Edward still sell his sword in Babylonia’s Park. After talk around the park, Edward saw a beautiful girl with his father were sat while the girl was read a book in Babilonia’s Park. And he try to offered his sword to the king, the girl fathers .
Edward: sword,,sword,,, whose wanna buy a sword???
Excuse me my lord, let me offered this sword!! May I????
King : Of course… yes, please…
Edward : thank u,,, u’ re so kind, my lord
Elisabeth : Dad,,,
King : hello, Elisabeth, where r u from?

Elisabeth : oh, sorry dad… I just walking by my self while looking for some
Jewelry. So, let’s go home now, dad.
King : wait a minutes, my princess, I want to buy this sword. It’s looking
good if I wear this sword on my waist. Ok, boy. Let’s explain the
surplus of this sword please.
Edward : sure, my lord. This sword was so good, strong, sharp, and of
course it suitable for u as a king.
King : it’s sound good. Ok, how much u wanna give for this sword, boy?
Edward : it ’s depend of u, my lord. I don’t need too much money. I don’t
counted about the price.
King : but, I don’t. I must pay suitable the price, young man.
Edward : ok,, I will give you 50 poundsterling..
King : it’s great..ok I will..
Edward : thank you..and I must go back now..( when he go back, the sword is down).
Elizabeth : Hey.. your sword…!
Edward : god… my sword…! Thank you princess, u’re so kind princess, I don’t know if you tell me. Can I know your name ?
Elizabeth : sure, my name Elizabeth William.. oh,,yah.. young man,, what’s your name ?
Edward : oh.. beautiful name…! my names Edward.. Edward Cullent. I as the seller sword, I live as by my self! May I be your friend ?
Elizabeth : umpp…. Why not ? surely you can.. I think we can be a good friend…!
King : My princes, Elizabeth…!
Elizabeth : Yes,, dad …
oh… I’m sorry, I must go now, my father is called me now…!
Bye……! See u next
Since that meeting, they be a friend. Edward really proud because had a kindfriend, like Elisabeth. Because he was a very kind lovely princess, and never seeing the social side of the friend.
At home, Edward tell Chamberlaind what happened today for him.
Edward : Chamberlaind, I want to tell you about something..
Chamberlaind : Yes,, what is it??? You’re so happy today..
Edward : Today, I had met the king, William and the prince. Waw,, the king has a kind prince…
Chamberlaind : Elisabeth?????
Edward : Do you know that???
Chamberlaind : Yes, I know that, I’m the servant of the prince
Edward : Yeahhh,,, I forget it.. Sorry.
Chamberlaind : So what???
Edward : How the prince??? Isn’t she kind???
Chamberlaind : Yeahhh,, really kind,, why do you ask about her???
Edward : Of course, you never guess that,, I have be the friend of her
Chamberlaind : Oh ya??? Wow,,, its great. You are lucky to be her friend..
Edward : Yeahh… By the way, I should take a rest now. Bye
Chamberlaind : Okey, bye

One night, in Elisabeth’s room, she was so happy and smiled alone. Appeared, she was very interested with Edward because Edward was a very kind and good loking boy.
Elizabeth : Edward is very kind, I really amazed with him in the first meeting….!
I hope he also had feel same with me..
King : hey my princes, come on eating together.. you didn’t eat just now.. ?
Elizabeth : okay.. my lovely dad….!

In a few minute later,,
King : My prince,,, just ate until finish, I must go now with my minister
Elizabeth : okey my dad,
(then the chamberlaind approach the prince, Elizabeth)
Chamberlaind : my princes, can I ask something with u my princes?
Elizabeth : Yaa, Of course, what that?
Chamberlind : about my friend,Edward, do you know Edward the Seller sword?
Elizabeth : Edward,,Edward…????? aaaaa ya, I know,,, where is he live?
Chamberlind : Edward live near my home,
Elizabeth : aaa,,, can you accompany me to go to Edward home
Chamberlind : Surely,,,,

One day, Elisabeth wanted to go Edward’s house, so, she asked Edward about her feels with Edward, but of course, Edward disagreed about that because he was just a poor man. Although, Edward also had feels with Elisabeth.
Elizabeth : Excuse me…any body home ?
Edward : who is that ….???
Elizabeth : any body home…??????
Edward : Princes …??? Elizabeth ????
Why……? Why you come here ? my home so ugly, and not suitable with you princes
Elizabeth : Edward.. please open the door,, I must tell you about something, it’s about me and u…!
Edward : yes please come in princes Elizabeth, what you feel prince with me?
Elizabeth :mmmmm,,,, I love you Edward,,,,,, you always in my mind every time, I don’t know why you always that, but I think u different with other boy in our kingdom.
Edward :Is it right..? Do you like me??
Me…? Why must me..??
Me,, ???? I just a poor man, and no have what materials, so is not perfect for you princes..??
Elizabeth : why you say like that ? Edward, listen to me… you kind, you very rich,, rich will you heart and your kind for people, so that all make me love you, and I know you really love me.
Edward : princes…?? Really, I very love you too.. but, the condition is not support us, I just a poor man, what will you get from me…?
I can’t be like thar princes, I’m sorry…! I very shy with my condition..sorry.. I can’t..!
Elizabeth : I know, but you must know,, I will love you every time, always only you..! I never think about your condition, but I only know, you very kind and love me..! you must know that…!
Thanks Edward….!

After princes told about her feel to Edward , without said another words she go back, go from Edward’s home, she cry and very sad. Same with Edward, he very sad and surely he went together princes..but he shy with his condition.


As the village was near the seashore there were sometimes arrived at this village. One day, There were seven ships anchored in the harbor. Every ship was full. The owner of the ships was a king came from another kingdom. There are three king wanted to make competition with Elizabeth’s father. The king said to Elizabeth’s father that if there is any people in the kingdom knew the number of seed in the cucumber will marry with Elizabeth.
King : Announcement….! For all people in the Kingdom, I wanted to make competition… who is that know the number of seed in the cucumber, will be marry with Elizabeth….belong her every time..!
Bandits(Aulia) : Hahaha ……. Okay enough King…! It is the great competition,,, and surely we us the winner, so if we as the winner, my boss will mary with your daughter.
King : okay, up to u, please… but you must really account the seed of cucumber and always honest..!
Bandits : hahaha… don’t worried….! We must as the winner…!

When it, Edward only hearing and don’t said the matter. But really in his hear very want to join that competition.

Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and Girls
After a while, Elizabeth father went back to tell his people about the competition, so he called all people in the village to announce about the competition that if there is someone knows the number of seed in the cucumber will become Elizabeth husband.
In other side, Edward kept doing his activity selling his sword. Seeing there were some new ships in the harbor, he went on the ship to ask the shippers whether they wanted to buy sword. But, the shippers forbid Edward to enter into the ship because they were still counting the number of seed in the cucumber.

Edward : sword..sword, who wanna buy the sword ?
Excuse me.. you wanna buy my sword..?
Bandits(Wenny ) : okay, come in my ship young man, we must very busy, what you want, young man ?
Edward : I will sell my sword, you wanna buy my sword ..??
Bandits (Wenny) : hump,,, sword ??
Very funny if I hear….! But…???? It’s okay…how much I must pay to buy this sword, young man ?
Edward : ump.. I’m sorry I don’t know about accounting the cost, ump..up to u, how much you pay my sword…!
Bandits(Wenny) : hahaha.. you are the stupid young man,,,! Okay I will pay you sword only 20 pondsterling…! Can I ?
Edward : okay…you can…!
Bandits : Boss…boss…..! boss…!!! The seed of cucumber is 7777 seeds. Boss…!
Bandit(Wenny) :Oh..Are u serious ???
Edward : what ??? 7777 ??? I must go now, I must go to the King for give his information about this, I want my self can together Elizabeth, because I very love her so much.. I must go now…!
Bandit(Wenny) : hey..!! where did the young man go..?
Why he lost quickly..?? what he hear about the seed of cucumber just now ?? ump, I not believe..! huh …>>>>>..CRAZY MAN…!

The day had come, almost all the people in the village gathered near the palace to join the competition but no one of them knew the number of seed in the cucumber. Elizabeth’s father was very angry because his only daughter will marry with the foreign king.
Suddenly Elizabeth said, There was still a man in the village who didn’t asked yet.

King : how this..every people didn’t know about the seed of cucumber..? what I must do now..? aarrrgghhh…!!!
Elizabeth : oh.. dad, be patient still a man again in the village that we didin’t asked yet.
King : oh, dear..really ??? what is his name ???
Elizabeth : Edward, he was a Poor man,dad.
King : so, called him to come to me now…!
Elizabeth : okay, dad..!
Chamberland, can you help me us to called Edward, to come dad now..!
Chumberland : okay, princes, I will go now…!
hey, Edward come in…the king had wait you in the room..!
Edward : thanks chamberlaind…!
King : hey the young man…!
Edward : yah, king, can I come to u for give the facta about something that will be out of my mouth..?
King : Surely, you can, and that something I had long to wait to hear from u r mouth.. SAID….!!!
Edward : I know,,, how much the seed of cucumber…!
King : really ..?? I not false hear just now ?? SAID TO ME YOUNGMAN..!
Edward : okay…! 7777….(Seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven )
King : oh, god..! I not false hearing, you really perfect and right answer that question, I will be you as my son and be husband of Elizabeth..!
Edward :really..? I very happy king, because I right, and marry with woman that really I love.. thank you…! Oh… god.. thank you…!
Elizabeth : Edward….?? Thanks …! You right, so you don’t say No to me, because now you had be my someone special and will be marry with me.. ! I very happy…!!!
Edward : Princes.. I LOVE YOU…
Elizabeth : I LOVE YOU TOO,,

Ladies and gentleman,

Finally, Edward and Elizabeth married and they life happy and had the house so luxury, clean, and so rich in the Kingdom, the King very happy, the Chamberlain join happy seeing Edward and Elizabeth can life together. So, all in the kingdom very happy for the marry of Edward and Elizabeth…!

THE END….!!!!!!

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